I grow up in Shanghai, currently is a student in the 3D department at Cranbrook Academy of Art
My research explores about how essential forms can deliver active and passive communication in product semantic field.

The study of semantics is the study of meanings in language, and contributing to our understanding of the industrial design process. Product semantics uses a kind of alphabet, albeit a more visually complex one in its use of line, color, shape, form, and texture. This visual alphabet of signs and symbols provide the basis for a type of statement made through the two-and three-dimensional qualities in manufactured objects. By manipulating this visual alphabet, the designer repeats a similar process to the one found in the written or spoken language. Therefore the ultimate question should be, ‘what are we communicating?’

My study of passive and active communication is trying to seek an answer of that question. Although there does not yet exist a dictionary for product semantics, as a designer I try to use my work to demonstrate communications model as clearly as possible.